This page is about the other hobby's I'm
interested in.  I'll update with more stuff as I
have time.
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Music has always been part of my life.  My parents are both musicians, Dad
was making a living as a singer after WW II, and my Mother is an
accomplished pianist.  I learned to read musical notation in grammar school,
beside standard notation, I also became familiar with Gregorian chant.  All my
siblings, including, 6, musically inclined also.

I've been playing guitar circa 1965, the first song I learned was Louie Louie,
recorded by “The Kingsmen” easy enough, only 3 chords; House of the Rising
Sun, recorded by the “Animals” was next.  I guess those 2 songs caught up
every aspiring Rock Star at that time.

Since then, I’ve been in quite a few bands, playing Rock & Roll,
Country/Southern Rock, or the Blues.  I’ll play either rhythm or lead guitar,
electric or acoustic, it doesn't matter to me.  I’m certainly not a big ego head
when it comes to playing music.  When playing with others, musically I attempt
to play tastefully, always trying to work with the dynamics of the song.
Here is my Fender Guitar
collection. From left: 1962
Stratocaster re-issue I bought new
in 1983, 1952 Telecaster re-issue
Christmas present from my wife in
2005, and a Strat Plus 40th
birthday present from wife in 1991.
These guitars are hand made by
John Judge, a luthier who is from
South County, RI.   Th
ese guitar are
my answer to the Gibson Les Paul.
This is my Epiphone Casino Coupe.  
Similar to the Epiphone guitar that
the Fab Four (The Beatles) used
back in the day.

I first learned to drive a cycle when I was 14, bought my first bike at 18, and got
my first Harley when I was 21.
This is my first Harley, it
is a 1962 Pan Head
which was chopped out
by the person that I
bought it from.  I
purchased this in the
spring of 1973.  Sure
wish I still had it.
This is my Epiphone Les Paul Custom.  
It is a beauty, now doubt about it.  
Though not a Gibson, it is a very sweet
sounding and playing instrument and I
saved a ton of money
This one is an old Sear &
Robuck guitar, it's a Silvertone
Jupiter model
This is my 1979 Harley FXS Low
Rider.  I've been riding this since
1981.  I have put on over 1/4 million
miles and have rebuilt the engine top
end 6 times. This bike is a keeper for
me as it certainly has some great
This is my 2008 Harley Heritage
Classic.  I bought my Baby in
2012 and have been busy riding
her.  This is the last cycle I buy,
heck, I've had the Old Girl for
over 30 years and I expect to be
riding this one till I can't pick her
off the kick stand, then I'll convert
her to a trike.
The pivot plate from a Thompson sub
machine gun was used a a template for a
couple of pieces of jewelery.