The following pictures are examples of
the knives that I have made.  Thanks for
121 layer damascus bowie, wrought iron with elk horn handle
Bodice dagger made from VW coil spring brass furrile and white tail antler handle
cable damascus, micarta handle with mosaic pins
This neck knife is a 240
layer pattern welded billet
which I made in my
smithy.   After I welded
the billet, I forged it to this
knife shape.
This blade is forged from
a piece of cable
Damascus which I made
at Indian George's
Custom Knives.
This is a Bodice Dagger that
is made 3/4" 5160 round
bar.  Overall length is
approximately 8", with a 4"
blade, brass bolster and deer
antler handle.
It is 1/2 of a wedding gift.
2nd half of wedding
gift.  Made from same
bar of steel.  
Overall length approx.
15", with a 9 1/2" blade
This is the first knife that I
actually sold.  Overall
length about 6", material
As you can see, I like to
hammer in the distal taper.
This neck knife was
specially made for an old
friends birthday.  The
steel is bandsaw blade,
pallet strap and nickel.
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This is a "Cutter" I
made from a pickup
truck leaf spring,
A.K.A. as RTS
(Rusty Truck Spring.
This knife is forged
from 5160, handle
stabilized Maple Burl.  
Sheath insert is shark
The damascus knife
below could be a boot
knife or a neck knife for
a person over 6' 3".  
Here is a knife that I
made for my nephew
Dyson, on his tenth
birthday.  The blade is
1075 copper guard with
black linen micarta
handle.  Blade is 4 5/8"
with overall length 9"
The handle is stabilized elk
antler with anchor chain
wrought iron guard, pommel
and nut. "Thanks Wa..Wa..Wally
OAL 15" with a 9 1/2" blade.
This "No nonsense"
neck knife is 5" long
with and 1 1/4" blade
This knife is 144 layers of
band saw blade and pallet
strap, OAL 7 3/4", blade 2
3/8".  The handle wrap is
epoxied boot lace.
Since 2011 I have been
making a knife for a benefit
drawing of a fallen biker.  
These are the Moe Joe