My Shop

Everything in my smithy is mobile, because my
garage serves several purposes.
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I made this belt grinder using similar dimensions for Rob Frink's design of the KMG, and purchased the wheels and platen from Rob.
I built this press using the hydraulics recommended by Indian George Rebello
My MMG (Mighty Mouse
Grinder) grinder.  It's a poor
mans ripoff of Rob Frink's
KMG (Knife Makers Grinder)
grinder.  The platen and all
wheels were purchased from
My 25 Ton press.  I used
components suggested by
Indian George.  Of course
like everything else in my
shop, it's mobile.
Here you see my forges.  
The vertical forge is used
for long blades (over 16")
and it is similar to the Don
Fogg  style (seen here
without blower). The
horizontal forge design,  
(operating) is "a la Indian
Here is my 100 lb Peter
Wright Anvil and my 4" leg
vise.  Both anvil base and
vise stand were made using
scrap steel from a job site.  
Man I love free steel
I also have a 130 lb Peter Wright,
shown here with several Hardy tools
that I built.  A week after I bought the
100 #, my brother-in-law, Phil, found
this one and about 6 months later he
gave it to me, great brother-in-law.
From the left you see a
bick tool, a 3" surface, a
fuller, and a hot cutter.
This is what my shop/smithy/garage looks like when the
smithing tools are put away for the night.