T Blade Forge
Hello and thanks for stopping by T Blade Forge

My name is Larry Theroux and I enjoy making knives
as a hobby.

What I like most about knife making is the roaring  
fire of my gas forge, and the ringing of steel on the
anvil, as I shape a piece of steel into the form I
desire.  As my knives are forged to shape, no two
will ever be identical.

The steels that I prefer are high carbon
homogeneous steel, 1075,1084, 1095, 5160 or
pattern welded steel (Damascus Steel) made in my

I forged my first knife in 2003 out of an old leaf spring
from a pickup truck. The end result was a double
edge dagger with a blade length of 10” and width of
1 7/8”.  I showed it to my father and he immediately
thanked me for making him a knife.  What could I do
except make a sheath and give it to him as a gift.
I am a member of the American
Bladesmithing Society (ABS) and
Northeast Cutlery Collectors
Association (NCCA)